Oh wow, you have missed so much…




-LDA 30 final

-made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, drank some cool toasted coconut beer, watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and stayed out WAY too late



-rode my bike to the Farmer’s Market to get my sis some awesome garlic basil cheese

-flew home

-bridal shower/bachelorette party (featuring much glitter, laughter, and …you know ;) )



-church and chill



-Sprinkles, mall, and Ventura with the sis and an old bf

-beach house dinner with the  fam and friends

-blue cheesecake brownies



-wedding errands with friends

-pack up the sis

-beach house dinner with less of the  fam



-Panda lunch with the bff (first time I’ve had Panda since like June!)

-mall with bff and sis

-fun times in Victoria’s Secret



-4AM to LA flower market and ‘frozen food district’ for croissants

-clean flowers with a friend

-bride’s nail appt (I could have done it more fun for cheaper)




-do wedding flowers

-decorate church with many lovely ribbons

-wedding rehearsal (I cried)

-rehearsal dinner (SO tasty! I must get the Kahlua cake recipe!)

-last minute flower checking


Saturday! Wedding Day!


-run to Starbucks for “Bride” cocoa, Albertsons for hairspray and pins (everything else is closed this early) to make it to church by 7:45AM for makeup

-get dressed, do hair

-finishing touches on bride’s bouquet for photographer


-Wedding! (I cried)

-awesome reception with sunshine and many friends and family

-decorate car and wave them good bye

-clean up

-The Adventures of Don Juan ♥





-lemon cookies

-M&M cookies

-Greyhound bus 10:40PM



-Sacramento 5:52AM

-Davis 7:50AM

-shower before class at 10AM

-weeds are a nusance

-catch up on tv shows

-necessities at Safeway

-Bones! and House and a show about HUGE fish



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