I woke up at a reasonable time! And fell back asleep til 10 : / And had a weird dream that my best friend and I were going to be kicked out of a really expensive church concert being held in an opera hall. They were so mean. It was so fancy.

I freaked out because I thought the roomies final was at 1 and she was still asleep at noon. It wasn’t until 3.

I stayed in my pjs til 4.

I read over 50 pages about stuff like city planning (or lack thereof) in Spanish cities in California and English cities on the East Coast, how frightening modernism was in the 1950’s for the suburban woman, and something else I feel horrible about forgetting…I hope it’s not on the final.

I skyped my mommy for a really long time. Procrastination is so much better with company. And my dad’s side of the family is a bunch of stiffs. Real lame guys…

I painted one nail red and blue striped.

I wrote two ‘faux’ essays on Paris and Stowe.

I got rid of most of the cupcakes from yesterday.

I am not looking forward to my last final and I wish I was already in So Cal ‘relaxing’ and not stressing here at home : /

May sleep come swift and deep.


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