Even ninja’s have birthdays


Two finals today.

I woke up on time! Studied and had oatmeal for breakfast before HIS 109A. It could have gone better… I got Algeria and Libya mixed up : / I had over an hour to study for Bio before that final. Yipee. I think that went well. Beautiful sunny day!

Then I got to de-stress and make cupcakes for our ‘ninja-roomie.’ We never see her and she is very quiet, that is why we call her a ninja.

They turned out lovely! And she liked her card : )

In other news, I am out of foil! It took me almost 2 quarters to use 50 feet. Wow. So my mashed potato lunch is wrapped in paper towels.

Dinner was really lame. Really.

I went to Forever 21 with the broken suite-y. (She fell off her bike and chipped her tibia. Hard core.) Such cute stuff! I want to buy new clothes and swimsuits and beach bags : )

Have you ever seen Stepford Wives? Interesting to say the least. That is what I watched tonight. Alone.

I can’t wait to go south and have fun and go to the beach! And watch my sis get married! Eeek! It is so close! It will be beautiful 

I did another fore-arm tattoo, but it isn’t super cool or anything. Just an Irish quote about traveling and a compass rose.

More reading, then bed and TONS of essay-writing-studying tomorrow.


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