The plan this morning was to sleep in and catch up a bit on the sleep I have lost over the past few days.

What actually happened was the rommie set her alarm for 8 and continued to whack the snooze for an hour and a half. At least. Oi. Well I kept rolling over and going back to sleep til almost 11. Decided that was late enough and I was hungry. Chai spice oatmeal with milk and brown sugar : ) Then the studying (procrastination) started. It’s been all Bio all day. Break for dinner. Break for New Girl. Shower. My hair is still streaked with green, I guess it wants to keep the party going….

I also took a break to make this!

It is ‘the ninja suitemates’ birthday tomorrow! I am making her chocolate cupcakes.

Then it was time to review HIS 109A. Ew.

Hopefully I sleep better tonight, last night I kept dreaming I was trying to teach one of the boyfriend of one of my suitemates how to cook. It was … interesting.

I also hope it is not windy or rainy tomorrow and to do well on finals!


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