Last Monday!


I woke up with my alarm this morning! I was so happily surprised and glad with myself : ) I actually looked at my phone and smiled.

And proceeded to roll over and go back to sleep. Oi. But I did wake back up at 9:15. My class is at 10. I was only two minutes late to my last lecture ever of the winter quarter. It was lame, I should have slept through it. I froze all the way to class for nothing (it was 38 when I left). We reviewed the last three lectures. Oh well.

I stayed in and had bread and cheese for lunch. I worked on my paper and drank copious amounts of hot tea. It was finished by dinner which was pesto-almond chicken with mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, and broccoli and a few bites of someone’s Boston Cream Pie (I could not resist!). After reviewing my paper I turned it in online and watched Once Upon a Time to celebrate. Also repainted some of my chipped nails with dark purple with lighter shimmery purple shatter and orange polka dots. Awesome. I also got a tattoo.

Boring night…had some almonds with Alan, some laughs with Lindsey…haha

I watched an interesting movie about a musicologist in the early 1900’s who goes up to the mountains to collect Scots-Irish ballads. The music was lovely as was the scenery. The interesting party were the love triangles, lesbian school teachers, moonshiners, and such.

Now I will catch up on the sleep I’ve lost over the past few days because I have no finals tomorrow! Only studying. Peace out guys, life’s too short to listen to bad music!


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