Another late morning with a tasty brunch.

Then it started hailing! It was so cool and awesome! The hail was pea-sized and came down hard and fast for over ten minutes. Half the building was gathered around the courtyard catching the hail, screeching and yelling about it (even though 20-hr quiet hours has started). It was still sunny when it happened and a perfect study break. We stayed until it stopped around 2PM.

At 3 a bunch of us walked down the street to look at a 6-bedroom/3.5-bath house that is up for rent next year. It was perfect! Lovely backyard with grass, orange trees, and roses, nice kitchen with a gas stove and double oven, a fireplace in the living room, it included the living and dining room furniture, and had a new washer/dryer next to the 2-car garage. While we looked at it another group came by ti check it out and four more people called for appointments. This place will go fast. Good luck to our suite-y that really wants it!

Then I finally got really crackin’ on my paper. I got two pages of text, one page of pictures, and two pages of sources before calling it a night. Around 10 ‘the cute guy’ came by and we decided to make green cheesecake truffle brownies. We used a brownie mix from Trader Joe’s and made up the cheesecake part. (8 oz cream cheese, 1 egg, 1/3 cup sugar, and a splash of vanilla) So we put the batter in the pan, made that green part, and then I remembered the brownies were only 8×8 and I made enough cream cheese mixture for a 9×13… We poured it all on anyway and it worked out all right. It had to bake a few extra minutes. We made a new friend who waited it out with us and we shared our brownies with him. They was delicious! We wanted to eat it hot from the pan with spoons, but we cooled it in the freezer first. Wonderfully chocolaty melty creaminess!

After cleaning up we went back upstairs to watch Kill Bill 2. Just as crazy as the first. Wild. And go us for only staying up til 2AM! ; ) Tomorrow is the last day of classes, then 6 long days of finals. Fun.


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