Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


I woke up kinda late…but before noon! Yay me… Since it is St Pat’s day I wore a green shirt, rainbow striped earrings (many compliments from guys actually…weird), and did awesome teal-green cat-eye makeup. I looked stylishly green : )

I had a delicious (late) breakfast! Fried eggs, toast, strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar, hot chocolate…yum : ) I read a bit and wrote an outline and thesis for my 5-page paper while eating.

Most delicious thing ever! If you have never eaten strawberries this way, go out and do it right now. Seriously. It is amazing.

I rode my bike to the public library to return books, movies, and music. It was so fast on a bike! I listened to The Veronicas on my way, I am really loving them and Paramore right now. They rock. I checked out like 5 tasty books, most for my paper. I decided to write on Vanilla plantations in New Zealand. Awesome. I will have to visit these places someday.

Then I went home and studied Bio for a million years, with a break for dinner in the middle. I had potatoes gratin, ham, and tasty sauteed kale. It was the best dinner all week and I almost cried when my mouth started hurting again in the middle of it : ( I will start taking drugs before eating again I guess… More Bio after dinner but I started going a little crazy and took breaks in between answering ‘essay’ questions to colour green streaks in my hair. I did light green, dark green, silver green, highlighter green…it looked really awesome! I want to do it for real! Maybe red and purple instead though. I did it with all kinds of pens and markers and started getting light-headed from the Sharpie fumes…

After finishing Bio (and my hair) I watched The Secret of Kells. The animation was weird but I really liked it and the music was great! The little cat was very cute, I want to paint a large picture of it and Aisling in the forest : )

I studied a little more and hung out with some people til 1-ish. I made raspberry white chocolate chip scones with ‘the cute guy’ around 2 AM and passed them around to friends that were still up studying : ) Then we watched Kill Bill. Wow. Have you ever seen that movie?? It is crazy! And the cliffhanger ending?! Well at least we know for sure what movie we’ll be watching next. We ended up staying up til 5 watching VH1 music videos and looking for Wild Russia.

I need my beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddd… ‘night


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