Oh hey Friday…


After staying up so late last night, I was surprised to actually wake up with my alarm. But the real problem was convincing myself to got out of bed… I spent a good 15-20 minutes deliberating back and forth. Needless to say school won out over more sleep. I am too good of a student.

Lovely warm berry oatmeal for breakfast before venturing out into the rain.

Bio was on Sexual Selection today. Some great comments from the prof. He is awesome! Only one lecture left!

My LDA 30 discussion was canceled so I rode home to have leftover mac’n’cheese for lunch. Leftover shaped mac’n’cheese is WAY better than leftover regular. So tasty and cozy : ) I might have studied a little afterwards but I honestly can’t remember…

Finished GREEN, a documentary on caner from pollution, in HIS 109A and got our essays back : / I didn’t do as well as I hoped but I’ll pass the class no problem.

I read some Mozart, listened to some music and decorated my nails for tomorrow!

See the shamrock? : )

Awesome polka dot thumb nail

Dinner was lame tonight. I wish I had gone to lunch and saved the mac’n’cheese for dinner. Then I really got down to studying, it was mostly about ‘desertification’ in Morocco. Silly people. It is all about the rain.

I watched this cool Discovery Channel show about Park Wardens after I finished.

Then ‘the cute guy’ came over and we stayed up WAY too late (again) watching Stranger Than Fiction (I want to be the baker chick soo bad!) and Breaking Dawn (don’t tell anyone though). I LOVED the back and sleeves of Bella’s dress but the front was boring and a little weird. I also loved all the hanging flowers and she looks so pretty after getting turned.

Too sleepy for a shower, hopefully I wake up tomorrow before lunch…



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