Amadeus! Amadeus!


Hello to another Thursday without Bones : (

I almost slept through my ESP 30 final this morning. Thank goodness for the roomie’s excessive alarm-setting! Honestly she sets like 5 alarms and stil manages to miss class half the time, skills man. So yeah, I didn’t wake up til like 8:30 and my final was at 9 across campus. Ah! Run! No time for breakfast or extra studying, I’ll eat a tiny granola bar and an apple during the final. I made it in time and it actually went well I thought. I had only done half of the study guide but all the questions I did were on the final! Yay! And the map parts were super easy.

Bio was about altruism. Not terribly exciting.

I made holiday shaped mac’n’cheese for lunch! It was very tasty and I hate electric stoves! They are unresponsive and out to get me. I am sure of it. I studied HIS 109A which was a complete bore. I also forgot that my LDA 30 paper was due today. But that was totally okay because I completely finished and printed it on Tuesday. Awesome! I think I forgot to change the date on it though…oh well.

Last day of LDA 30! We didn’t watch any clips, sad. We did see lots of awesome gardens though! My favorite of the day was Parc Andre Citroen in Paris. It is so amazing! You really should look it up and we’ll go visit it next time I’m in Paris : ) And there was some much needed final reviewing.

Tonight was Steak Night. It was pretty good, came with lovely squash and broccoli. And we sat with our new friends from way down the hall. Then I kinda tried to read til the Web3 movie and pizza night, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I also tried to read a little during that…tried. Then I watched Amadeus. Wow that is a long movie with great music. GREAT music. That didn’t even end til 1:30AM than ‘the cute guy’ came by to return the bowl and spoon I lent him when he was sick and we watched Wild Russia and Viking Wilderness on Animal Planet and some of Sweet Genius on Food Network. Needless to say we have stayed up way too late (early?)…hopefully we all wake up in time for classes tomorrow. Good luck and good night!


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