Pi Day!!!


Ah, still raining! Morning came way to soon today. I slept through my alarm again, this time by an hour. Oi. But I did have time enough for breakfast. Speaking of, I am now out of cereal. Tomorrow will be berry oatmeal! And I may buy rolled oats and brown sugar to make cookies and use the leftover for breakfasts to come : ) None of that really matters though because…it is Pi Day! Yay!

Not a pie of mine. My pies are lemon meringue or fresh strawberry : )

Today Bio was HIV-AIDS. Sadness. Practice safe sex and don’t do drugs people!

I had lunch with the crew before studyinglikecrazy for my BioLab Practical. I started going a little crazy being cooped up so I walked to HIS 109A where we started a documentary, GREEN, about cancer from pollution. Then run to Bio with minutes to spare! The Lab final was actually not bad and rather short, I think I was only there for a little over an hour. Sweet. I think it went well.

I was going to make holiday shaped mac’n’cheese for dinner. Instead I waited til 7 then rode (in the rain) across campus to see a showing of Human Footprint by National Geographic and get free pizza! The pizza was cold (and so was I). The film was lame and seemed very wasteful for being a documentary on the carbon footprint and waste of Americans. I am positive I read more books and use more eggs than they say. Really? 6 books a year? And you say it like that is sooo hard to do. Psh. I met the Chinese version of my great-aunt Joyce… Not even kidding, she was exactly the same only Asian. Spooky.

Then back home to study for my ESP 30 final tomorrow morning. So much information to retain! The geography and ecosystems of the whole world and environmental changes that have occurred. I studied with Celtic music this time. Love.

A UCD person that I just found out lives by me (in SoCal) and went to my CC wants me to make this for him over Spring Break.

Reese's Cup Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

Whoa. Maybe it will happen if I suddenly find myself with an empty day and a full gas tank…

Now I should probably go to bed if I ever want to wake up in the morning. (Okay, no I don’t want to. Yes, I really need to.)


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