Oh, hey…*drowning*


Actually the rain wasn’t too bad today…but the wind! It was pretty strong. I was totally drenched every time I went outside.

ESP 30 was all about Latin America today and the final is on Thursday!! I see much studying in my future.

I spent the day revising my LDA paper. It took longer than I thought but now it is lovely and polished and printed! A whole two days early! I think part of my inner procrastinator died today. Moment of silence.

Then a late bread and cheese lunch followed by a total reorganizing of my ‘letter-writing drawer.’ It is lovely.

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation. No joke. It actually looks like this, no weird computer things going on here.

LDA 30 was about Environmental and Ecological Design. There were some pretty crazy things designed in that time… I have to send my little bro stuff on the Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Scotland, designed by Charles Jenck and Maggie Keswick in 1990. Crazy. Almost reminded me of Alice in Wonderland… The Ice Vine Garden in Martha’s Vineyard was interesting too (Michael Van Valkenburg). Though some of this stuff doesn’t seem like art, just kind of like “ooh, I put sticks in the ground, aren’t I amazingly artistic?”

I was drenched and starving by dinner and excited for the roast turkey and mashed potatoes. They changed the menu. But the shrimp pad thai was tasty, spicier than last time and cozy.

I did some history reading until New Girl. It was just the roomie and I tonight, ‘the cute guy’ left his homework til the absolute last minute (it is due by 11:59PM today) so he didn’t join us. Lame.

There was a slight possibility that I would read more after but I watched SMASH instead. : ) Still love KMP. I am SO excited for Π Day tomorrow! I wish I could make a pie to celebrate. Maybe my SoCal family will make one and send me pictures : / not as good, but close.

I have my Bio Lab Practical (final) tomorrow so I guess it’s back to studying for me…Lucky you on Spring Break or already graduated.


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