Today started out pretty rough. Barely slept last night and woke up feeling woozy (kinda surprised I actually woke up on time). I felt light-headed and almost passed out after I got out of bed. Joy rapture great morning…

I felt better after breakfast but I really just wanted to curl back up in bed and skip Bio. I am a good student though and went to class. I painted my nails in class : ) got some weird looks, but my nails are nice and shiny now! I had bread and cheese, an apple, and a banana with chocolate peanut butter for lunch. Then I finished my little paper on the ‘Criminal Tribes’ Act of 1871 in India, mean Brits. I had just enough time to watch Once Upon A Time before HIS 109A, crazy twist with Red! There is a slight possibility that my Bio and HIS finals are at the same time on the same day…but I think one of the profs has it wrong.

This is the schedule online. I think it knows more than the teachers...

After class I decided to (finally) do my laundry. The smell of smoke was driving me crazy! (That is regular fire-smoke smell from the frat party, it was SO cold outside.) I was going to do two loads, but the both looked small so I did them in the same washer. Bad idea. I ended up with one completely shredded pair of underwear (looked like swiss cheese) and one shredded sleeve on my penguin pjs :( they got closed in the door. I have learned my lesson! I also dried everything together…or rather I tried to. Most everything was still damp to wet when I got it out. Oi. So I draped it all over our room. Nice.

I can't wait to go to my other home! Some of us SoCal girls are adventuring to the Beverly Hills Sprinkles, it will be SO much fun!

During this whole fiasco I skyped my seeeester. It was fun, we talked weddings. Less than 20 days! (She is thinking of having the bridesmaids do a waterfall braid for our hairstyle and I am trying to convince her that we need teal streaks for it to look good) ; )

Then my Bio friend and I rode over to work on a Lab Practical practice lab. It didn’t go as well as we hoped. Studying is in our future for sure. We had tacos for dinner. I think they were meat-less but tasty, I added purple weedy leave and olives to mine. It was nice to chill and hang out.

This is my lanyard. Borders, Yolo County Library, Camarillo Library, and Moorpark Library. I eat books for breakfastlunchanddinner!

I read about Elizabeth David’s boat trip from England to Greece through Europe. Sounds like so much fun! I wish I lived back then and got to tour Europe… Then Pin-stalking and rocking with The Veronicas, I am digging rock-ish dance pop whatever music after a long stay in Reba territory. And speaking of new music, did you know Jennifer Knapp was a lesbian and moved to Australia? I had no idea…

I watched Get Low. It was cool. I love Sissy Spacek and Alison Krauss! Robert Duval is awesome too. There is so much to get done this week, I should have multi-tasked while movie watching… I will work like a maniac tomorrow. Promise! ‘Night! : )


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