Wait, it’s what time?!


So that whole changing the clocks and loosing an hour did not go over well…

We forgot to change the clocks. I ended up not getting out of bed til noon and finding a note the roomie left on my desk asking to wake her up at 9:30AM… Needless to say, that didn’t happen. We scooted to lunch, yum starving.

Messed around putting off homework and studying til we girls went to the barn to blanket Red (suitemate’s horse). We brought armfuls of apples and made friends with almost every horse at the stables! I love horses still! Red is a smallish chestnut Thoroughbred with a blonde mane and tail which is unusual. He is sweet mostly…you know how boys are ; )

The sunset was amazing over the fields of new grass but none of my pictures did it justice. (You will just have to come here and see it yourself.)

There were no washing machines open so I put of studying some more, decided it was too late for laundry anyway and watched {proof}. Crazy movie, I thought I was the one going crazy… And now it is really late new time and I should try to sleep. Peace guys.


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