Music is life


What a day!

After going to bed way after 2AM, I woke up around 8 from horrible nightmares. I don’t really remember them but they must be bad if the last thing you remember is being curled up, crying so hard you can’t breathe and ripping at your shirt cause it feels like it’s choking you. It was awful, I decided not to try and sleep more and took a shower instead. I felt much better afterwards. Thank goodness.

I watched a German film about Steinway pianos and concert pianists. It was awesome! I never noticed how pianos have different tones and voices. Great music and informative, good way to pass the time until lunch. Pretty tasty toasted turkey and cheese on cornbread.

I put my new cds on my laptop after lunch. Very carefully because the cd drive is kinda broken…lame. Then off to the library for three new books, three movies, and two cds. Good haul, nice long walk. Home just in time for dinner.

After dinner I watched about a million episodes of Friends with a suitemate. That lasted til I left for a frat party at ΣΑΜ with ‘the cute guy’ around 10. Pretty chill as frat parties go, more like a kick back hang out. Fun times with the guys. Now sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep…


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