Go greased lightning!


What a lovely, glorious day! Sunshine and 70.

Bio was chill. We learned about fossils and stuff and watched a short bit of a film about the way crazy sea creatures that have been found as fossils….yikes.

I was going to lay out in the quad during my break and soak up some sun, but it wasn’t yet quite warm enough. So I spent my time up in the library, sitting in a window, surrounded by flower blossoms. I read about life in the 1920’s for the wealthy in England.

LDA 30 was boring, we did nothing and got out twenty minutes early! I walked over to my next class and sat in the sun reading about the life of Elizabeth David. I’m not sure how I feel about her, I’m getting conflicting stories…

I honestly cannot remember what happened in HIS 109A. Maybe pollution? Maybe more on GE crops? Anywho, I was just excited for it to be over and the weekend to start!

My Bio friend and I were supposed to do a practice Bio Lab practical in the afternoon but we both forgot. I was reading and he was hanging with his girlfriend. We will probably do it Sunday or Monday now.

Dinner was a lot of fun : ) Fajitas, Florentine lasagna (white sauce and spinach), and chatty friends. Then we watched the guys doing their NBA 2K tournament til one of the suitemates got off work so we could have a movie night!

Tonight is the Dormal. It is like a dorm-formal wannabe prom-esque thing. Theme: Casino Royale. We didn’t go. Missed the time to buy tickets and I at least didn’t have money for a ticket. We were all sad not to dress up…maybe we’ll dress up tomorrow night for fun.

I watched Hairspary while waiting for everyone to get ready to watch Grease. Then we were going to watch The Blob! But it isn’t on Netflix instant play. So we watched Bad Teacher instead…interesting movie. Fun times.

Bed is calling and it’s late…night.


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