No wind today and it was only 40°F in the morning! Me = joyous

I helped give a presentation on the floods in Australia. It went as well as could be expected.

I learned the costs and benefits of sexual reproduction. Not as many giggles as I expected…teehee ; ) The gist of it is that asexual reproduction is WAY better in the short term but sexual reproduction is WAY better in the long run (plus it’s more fun, right? ;))

Instead of going to lunch, I went to a free Noon Concert. The Music Department puts them on every Thursday. Today was Poppea Dorsam on cello and Katy Luo accompanying on piano. They performed Vivaldi’s Sonata No. 3 in C Major, Cirri’s Sonata No. 1 in F Major (sounded pretty modern for a 16th century piece), something by someone in E minor (was supposed to be Boccherini’s Sonata No. 6 in A Major, but they switched at the last minute), and Bach’s Sonata No. 1 in G Major. It was nice.

I decided to save a swipe and get lunch things from Trader Joe’s. I walked over with ‘the cute guy’ and I got a little sourdough loaf, cheese, and a granola bar, he got brownie mix and butter so we could use up the last of his eggs languishing in our fridge. It was a lovely sunny walk.

This is one of Thomas Church's famous designs.

We did modern and post-modern in LDA 30 and watched the cutest video! It was called All’s Fair at the Fair and is from the 1930’s. Saw some awesome designs. One of the modernist designers, Thomas Church, said he thought the pool was the center of the family life in California. Awesome. He was a pioneer of the ‘California Garden Style’ and one of the gardens he designed was the first cover photo of Sunset Magazine (started by Henry Huntington). Small world!

Then home, but not for dinner. Tonight is the Botany and Environmental Horticulture Club meeting and they always have pizza (=free dinner!). I invited ‘the cute guy’ to come along since he sometimes goes. We rode over to where I thought the meeting was moved to, then looked back at my paper and realized I read the wrong posting. Ooops. So we rode over the where is usually is and climbed up to the third floor and all the way across the building only to find a sign saying they moved the meeting across campus and sorry for the inconvenience with the smell of warm pizza lingering in the air. Arg. We were not really feeling another (far) ride and he was starting to look a little glassy eyed so we just went home.

I had crackers and apples with cheese for dinner while reading Ophelia’s Fan. I took a break after dinner to read school stuff then finished my book. Yay! Now just shower and bed and one more day of class til the weekend! Catch you on the flip side…


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