Ach, wind.


Another windy day. I almost slept through Bio again…oops. But I made it! And learned a ton about extinction. Good bye dinosaurs.

Then I blew home for lunch before a discussion on genetically modified crop plants. Joy, rapture. Don’t eat the week-killer corn!

But seriously, I think they should label those things when they are put in ‘food-products’. Crazy stuff.

Then I got to harass bugs. Lots of bugs!

eeeeeeeeeee *shudder*

We measured their beaks and thorax length and width. It was a long (shriek-filled) lab. Only one bug was skewered in the performing of this lab (that I know of).

Chill dinner, I had pizza and a little salad. Hawaiian pizza!

Then I watched SMASH ♥ I love watching the theater drama rather than being in it : ) And Katharine McPhee is amazing! I love her.

I have spent the last (almost) 6 hours reading about the actress Harriet Smithson and the composer Hector Berlioz. Beautiful. I miss music soo much it’s not even funny. I am actually seriously thinking of doing 20 units next quarter so I can take a music class. *fingers crossed* But now I must return to them; Harriet’s best theater friend has just married, become a proper lady, and returned to Ireland and I must find out what becomes of her!

May sweet musical dreams be yours also-


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