It may be just a game….


Today was horribly windy. I almost blew away. Yech.

Classes were boring. I can’t wait for spring break and non-windy sunshine and the beach.


I spent most of the day reading From A Buick 8 and finished it. Yay!

I made veggie mac’n’cheese with (accidentally peach) applesauce instead of eating at the DC. I am now down to 20 swipes. There are 18 days left where I need to eat…and I’m broke. I do have peanut butter and crackers though, that should last a few meals : / It was fun though and tasty.

New Girl was funny, as always. Then some studying before the guys indoor soccer finals game.

It was a CRAZY game! They were down 0-1 at the end of the first half. They brought it up to 3-3 by the end of the second half.


No one scores.


We missed by a hair and kissed ‘the wall’ goodbye…

It wouldn’t have been so bad but the other team played dirty! They knocked our guys around and flattened our best girl and kicked her when she was down (supposed accident). And the girls rooting for them were b-wiches. Hardcore. I now know why the fans sit on opposite sides of the field. Speaking of girls, the other team only played one of their girls and only for a minute. We played all our girls for at least 5 minutes each, except our best girl (I think she was in the whole game). Arg.

I am a little freaking out about parties at the end of the month. Everything will work out, everything will work out. Why are there never good times for flights?? But I think I can make this happen with a little money…looks like I’ll be calling mom for a chat.

Now it really is a bit late and I’m trying not to sleep through class again…goodnight moon.


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