Sleep and Sunshine


So the roomie and I slept through our first classes today….oops.

We had an early lunch before our next classes and enjoyed a leisurely ride to class in the lovely 72°F sunshine. It was so nice to just wear a short sleeve shirt and flip-flops to class in stead of leggings, multiple socks, and a jacket.

I learned more about genetically modified/engineered plants. And now I kinda hate Monsanto. How could they sue those farmers for ‘stealing’ their GE crops because the wind blew the pollen over? What jerks. I really wanted to like you guys and work for you…not any more.

After class, the roomie wasn’t feeling well so she set up a doctors appointment after dinner. He said it is strep. Yikes and no fun. ‘ The cute guy’ is also feeling sick and spent most of the day in bed… Keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t get sick too!

I mostly just read my new book (From a Buick 8) before and after dinner, with some pinning and singing in between. Tame night. The most exciting thing that happened was me walking over to Starbucks to spend the last of my giftcard on a raspberry hot chocolate : ) And I took ‘the cute guy’ some Disney princess chicken soup after the roomie went to bed around 8. I want them both to get better ASAP so we can play badminton and maybe basketball.

It is supposed to be way colder and windy tomorrow with a chance of rain. I can’t wait for spring when it will always be sunny and warm!


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