Sex, Drugs, and Rock’n’Roll


What a weekend!

Friday class was chill. I sat with my-other-Vicki in Bio which was super fun. I was the most outspoken in our mock Public Hearing about the building of Central Park in my LDA 30 class. (I was playing the part of the people who lived there before getting kicked out to build the park.) I brought up many good points and drew parallels to the past building of grand parks and the people playing the City Council just kept copping out and ignoring what we said. Lame of them. I had a quiz in HIS 109A…I am hoping for a B.

My view while I studied for my quiz an a beautiful sunny day.

After dinner some of us got together to drink and we walked around the 3rd floor and made loads of new friends (who probably don’t remember us). We partied it up in our friend’s suite down the hall. Cool crowd. We stayed up til past 3AM. Yay for weekends!

Saturday got off to a slow start. Brunch with the crew and the man broke my yolks again. I can’t wait til I get to fry my eggs perfectly every time. With toast. It was an amazingly gorgeous day, mid 70’s beautiful sun. Some of my nails chipped during the week so I repainted them…

I went for a walk to the Cost Plus to get peanut butter and Nutella but they were too expensive : / So I got dark chocolate peanut butter instead! (It is soo good with bananas!)

Look at this cool truck that was parked outside our window! It belongs to that guy walking away. He was having engine trouble...

The tailgate said FORD, but I've never seen this symbol before... Anyone recognize it?

Then I forced myself to stay in for a bit to do the last Bio pre-lab! Then I couldn’t stay inside any longer with all that glorious sunshine outside! And I still hadn’t returned my paperwork to get a public library card, so I decided to walk on over.

It was a lovely walk.

I saw many flowers along the way.

I checked out two books and six cds…Good thing I brought along my bookbag : ) I made it home just in time for dinner with the guys. I think it was tasty. Then I got a text from ‘the cute guy’ asking if my roomie and I were interested in going to a rave. Um, yes! Our night just went from boring, no plans to exciting new experience calling our names. We girls have never been to a rave, so we asked around about what to wear and all. Apparently it is along the lines of a neon-Rocky-Horror. We don’t really have clothes like that. I ended up wearing teal green tights, a pinkish-purple long shirt as a dress, and grey boots. The roomie wore denim short shorts, tall brown boots, and a blue and white striped tank top. ‘ The cute guy’ wore jeans and a red and white plaid shirt, rocking the almost-cowboy look. Then we drove away to pick up some friends. Unfortunately only one could actually make it, so we were a set; 2 boys, 2 girls. We finally got the address for the pick-up point and got there by 10. We missed the first two shuttles and finally arrived at the ‘venue’ a little past 10:30.

This is how they marked us when we got in ♥

Rockin’ LOUD party! It was a medium size rave, so like only half a million people…haha It was wild and crazy! A ton of people smoking, drug sales if you knew where to look and who to ask, awesome light shows, wicked DJs, and legit photographers all over. Of course we had our picture taken!

We danced from 11 to 5. What a workout, sore legs all around. We made lots of friends, gorgeous German guys with girlfriends, cute girls that were way too young to be there (same name as my sis…weird), and everyone we danced with. caught the second to last shuttle back to the car. After dropping off the friend it was way too late to drive back to the dorms, so we spent the night at ‘the cute guy’s house which was close by. We didn’t go to sleep til almost 7. After watching the sun rise. We slept til 1 then had ice cream (boy) and waffles (girls) for breakfast (lunch). He has an awesome small Siamese cat, she is so beautiful. Then it was time to head back to the real world for school work and showers! (Raves are very hot sweaty places)

I did some Bio homework with my Bio-friend til dinner. We were all starving! Then I spent the evening chilling because I have no more studying til after Monday. Now I will drink tea and read Stephen King books til bed. Peace out rockers!


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