Happy March!


There were scattered sun-showers all over today! Beautiful.

So I was supposed to do a presentation on the flooding in Australia this morning… But there was a huge confusion of some kind with all the groups and the prof and it ended up not happening. Darn. And I spent all morning doing more research and making a note card.

Then I read til Bio where we talked about speciation. Fun stuff. Then lunch! I had some lame $10,000 Chicken on rice with cauliflower. Usually that chicken is really good but not so much today. I read while I ate and stayed reading and drinking tea almost til the DC closed.

Quick printing then off to LDA 30. Today was ‘palace’ gardens and no video clips. We did the Biltmore, San Fran, Hearst Castle, and a bunch more but I don’t feel like fishing out my notes to give you the whole rundown.

I didn’t eat dinner with the crew tonight. I am trying to conserve swipes, I’m down to 28 and there are 25 days left of school… Maybe a friend will take pity on me. I helped out last quarter. So anyway this is what I made for dinner

And the other side

It was horrible! I was so sad, but couldn’t choke down more than a few spoonfuls. I had to toss it out, it was like bleck. *shudder*

So I made tasty just-add-water mashed potatoes! Not as good as the real thing, of course, but much better than the princess soup.

I read until past 9 to finally finish my school book that I have a quiz on tomorrow! (It better be worth it, I spent the whole week reading that horrible book.) Which left me just enough time to watch an episode of Revenge.

Then I went to the guys indoor soccer game at 11. Super intense. They won! 7 to 0. Nice : ) It was great to see them play and we had a good group cheering on. Now I will finally shower and sleep! I love my bed and my Annette with her little yellow and blue cloud rice pillow…peace.


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