Happy Leap Day! It was indeed magical. With the rain, the epic sun bursting forth from behind the HUGE fluffy clouds…

Today I saw jellyfish in the hallway.

I got to play with fishes in Bio and make them eat mosquito larva. Death to mosquitoes!

I also speedily put together a power point on the awful flooding that has been going on in south-eastern Australia. I thought it was due next Thursday…not so.

Things were almost just like normal at dinner today (between my roomie and I at least). There is hope for us yet!

I finally got the FAFSA sent in with the help of the parentals. But it looks like no money for me next year : ( We’ll see. I’m planning on calling the Financial Aid office and explaining our real situation, last years taxes don’t reflect how things are right now at all.

Reading and studying has consumed me since then with only short breaks to put another coat on my nails, make a few cups of tea, take a shower, and blog : )  I have been listening to so much music! Country, classical, movie, pop, dance, techno, choral…quite a selection.

Now it is rather late though (for having an early class tomorrow) so I must turn in. Later ‘gators.


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