Wine and Duck


The alarm came too early this morning. And it has been getting colder again. Which equals me glaring at the time and wishing to go back to sleep. Oi.

ESP 30 had a special speaker give a lecture on Asia and India areas. It is really weird how all my classes overlap in topics covered. I am seriously reading the same historical materials three time. Sometimes in the same week, sometimes a few days or a week apart. No wonder my grades are improving…haha

LDA 30 watched some of The Gangs of New York. Eww, gross city. Yay for urban parks and things!

Tried to talk with the roomie after dinner. We did talk. A suitemate was there too, to keep the peace. She talked more than the both of us. What are you supposed to do when someone hates you because of what someone else did? Ran out of time and things to say. Time to ride across campus.

I went to a program called Chefs & Politics. (It might have actually been CHEF: Coalition for the Humane and Ethical Farming Standards) It was delicious! I tried a quesadilla of fontina and duck confit, crispy lightly sauteed/fried confit, terrine on toast, rillette on toast, and an amazing seared liver on a roasted pear on a little toasty bread square with a tasty apricot or marmalade glaze. I also enjoyed a glass of 2008 Sonoma Valley Pinot noir. The presentation was mostly on a law going into effect on July 1 outlawing the “enlarging of the bird’s liver beyond normal size.” It will also make the selling of any product (liver, meat, feathers/down) from such a bird illegal. This law has no scientific basis or backing. It based solely on the vocal minority of fuzzy-lovers. Now I love fuzzy and feathery creatures as much (if not more) than the next person, but really? The process is never cruel or harmful in the US and their technology has actually helped vets and the like with the rehabilitation of oil spill birds. After being rescued and cleaned, they often need to be force-fed to get the proper nutrients and the foie gras farmers showed them how to do it without harming, being cruel, or distressing the birds.

The chefs that gave the presentation were great. Chef Ken Frank from La Toque, Napa; Chef Victor Scargle from Bardessono, Yountville; and Chef Patrick Mulvarey from Mulvarey’s B&L, Sacramento. I talked to them as they went around the room with tasty duck and they told me about how everything was prepared. Pretty cool.

It didn’t start raining til I went outside to get my bike and ride home. Nice. It also felt like 30°F (the weather says it’s only 50°F. Liars.) It was a nice ride home though, singing T Swift and Journey.

I settled down to reading and studying then the roomie wanted to talk. Again.

We pretty much went over the same things. She’ll never forgive me, but I don’t think she hates me anymore…hopefully. There is time for chilling out to happen. I really hope this all works out. It’s rubbish.

So tired…night all.


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