So last night was…exciting.

It was a great game, we all had lots of fun! Then we just hung out, kinda watched movies on tv, and chatted.

Some craziness happened and my roomie and I haven’t talked or looked at each other since before we went to bed last night. Well actually she left while I was in the shower and I didn’t see her til late this afternoon.

Today was laundry morning! Then I spent the day studying in the DC and in the boys suite. I had dinner with some of them, then we watched the Oscars. Beautiful! I saw many dresses that would be amazing to wear to a FANCY party. And YAY Meryl Streep! It’s been so long since she’s won. I was pretty jazzed, she’s awesome.

I am so tired. Like five hours of sleep + angry people = wiped out. Peazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz out…


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