I went to the library between classes again today, mostly to return some of my (12) checked out books. Of course I had to go upstairs to my ‘study window’ and check on the books nearby.

I missed half my next class because I was reading books I found instead of watching the time…oops. It was awesome : ) I only checked out two new books! One on sugar and one on Ansel Adams. ♥

My last class of the day was canceled! Yay! So I got to eat lunch today with my roomie : ) Then… Freedom. We chilled, watched tv shows, read, painted nails, ate dinner, hung with friends until the Webster basketball game. Only one suitemate went with me, but we did have some fun together before going… And our team won their game! It was great.

We were all super bored after and couldn’t decide on a movie. So we decided to play King’s Cup and listen to music. But we were mostly out of alcohol… Adventure to Rite Aid! Only one person remembered to bring their ID…so they wouldn’t sell us any without checking all IDs. Arg. So we only got Sprite and chip mix there. Then another friend with an ID that the checker-woman didn’t know was with us got a 30 of beer and we went home.

We supplemented with wine we had around. (wine + Sprite = tasty) I lost King’s Cup…I’ve got the worst luck. But it was loads of fun and we learned a lot about each other and the music rocked. The boys also were doing “Wizard Stick” which is where you tape your empty beer cans together and make it as tall as you can. One got up to 8 before we stopped for the night. Nice. Time for sleeping. I am so not getting up before 9 or maybe 10…


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