With my last midterm and my superlongpaper that is. I can breathe a bit now : )

I learned more about the vanishing Aral Sea in Asia. Sad dead fish. Beached ships. SALT.

I found than I know nothing about Afgan Ants in America…? So lost there…

My LDA 30 class watched part of An Ideal Husband. Interesting, kind of bad acting, bad lipstick…*shudder*

Finally got to read my Better Homes and Gardens! I am in love with all the asparagus recipes! I will make all of them someday. And the party stuff was cool and I loved all the paint colour things : )

We girls gave up sweets for Lent. No fun. Only one of the group is Catholic. So I bought salt and vinegar chips from Trader Joe’s to munch instead of candy and sugar. Yum. But not the same. I am making an exception for wedding cake though. You can’t go to a wedding and not eat the cake!

Now I will read The Meaning of Cooking til I fall asleep. Good night : )


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