Wednesday already?


I totally forgot it was Mardi Gras yesterday. Sad. I had cool beads to wear….

So Happy Ash Wednesday! We girls decided to give up sweets for Lent. So far, not much fun. Good thing we went out for cupcakes and ice cream yesterday ; )

Classes must have been boring since I don’t remember what I learned today… I do remember that I have LOTS of reading to do. And I remembered that I have  a Bio midterm tomorrow. Yikes. And the 1st draft of my huge paper is due tomorrow. Double yikes.

Fun lunch with the guys. It’s always fun with them : )

Bio was chill, we got to count sea creatures growing on little plates.

The Dining Commons was Afghanistan themed tonight. Delicious lamb and rice dish!  Everyone was leaving as I got there cause Bio lab went late. Lame. So I went upstairs to eat alone. Then one of the guys surprised me and we ate together. It was good hanging and talking. Good luck to him on his house-hunting for next year! We decided I will invite him over for potlucks and he will invite me over for parties. I like this plan : ) haha

Then it was back to the gridstone. I finished my paper. It isn’t up to par yet and only just 8 pages. I really need to study for Bio! Good luck to me tomorrow!


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