So Cal Weekend: Day 1


Our bus left an hour late.

We arrived 5 minutes early.

…what? I was too tired to figure that one out.

We watched the sunrise at the Santa Monica Pier.

Beautiful. Chilly.

We took the 1 home, stopped by the Farmer’s Market, and still got home before 8AM. Nice.

Mom and I walked to my uncle’s house (where my sis is having her reception).We stopped by an estate sale on the way, I got two cute juice glasses and an awesome ’70’s pillowcase for 50¢. (I don’t remember where I put them, so I’ll post a pic when I find them…)  We talked plants and decorations and all that lovely wedding things.

Then we girls walked around Home Depot and bought flowers!

Not this kind but I love them!

We did get some of these. In a few colours.

Then Mom and I drove to Ventura to spend a few hours with my aunt and uncle. So much fun! We got gelato. (Blackberry Cabernet, Honey Lavender, Salted Caramel, and Tiramisu) All amazing flavours! We also checked out an art gallery, some thrift stores (cute strawberry plate set), and the cool beach store.

I spent the evening with So Cal friends! Pizza and movies (The Switch, Anonymous) til super late, so I spent the night. We always have great fun together : )


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