I am undone.


I did this on my friend the other day… I think I’ll stick to flowers and hearts, haha

I was invited to apply for this scholarship. I need to send it in asap…

I also got this cute mouse! He is SUPER soft and fuzzy.

Today I discovered the food and cooking section of the library! It is on my floor (3rd, Ag and stuff) right next to my favorite study window. I lost a good half hour that should have been spent studying for my last midterm of the week. But I did manage to tear myself away after two rows and only picked up three books to check out.

-Salted  A manifesto on the world’s most essential mineral with recipes

-The Meaning of Cooking

-Elizabeth David (a biography)

I can’t wait to go back and check out like 50 more after midterms! Speaking of, I feel pretty good about my HIS 109A midterm. It was easier than I expected. I am so glad that I didn’t get my Greyhound ticket for 2:15PM though! I did not finish til 2…I never would have made it to the station.

So I had extra time to pack and do my Bio homework and lab so I didn’t have to lug it to So Cal and back. The Webster crew had a basketball game tonight. It was crazy, they won : )

Then we ran back here, grabbed our stuff, and bus buddy to drive out to the station for our 11PM bus…ew. We should get in around 6:30AM. Peace out!


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