Another gross windy day. Sunny and cold.

Today was my Pass 1 at 4 PM. So I brought my laptop to my 3 o’clock class since it overlapped my Pass time…

It took an hour for my computer to connect to the internet (3-4PM).

It took half an hour for the pages I needed to load (4-4:28PM).

I almost cried. I almost threw things. I almost ran someone over on my frantic ride back home after giving up when class ended.

I finally registered for classes around 4:45. Then I teared up a little when I got into all my classes.

I might have done damage if I missed a class. Hard core damage.

Stress! I need a hug, a cuddle, and a snuggle.

Anywho, I would say classes were good today but I honestly don’t remember them. Except for the pretty Amazon rainforest Planet Earth video we watched in ESP 30. It had some awesome bird mating dances : )

I studied all day, it between classes and meals. Except for right after registering for classes. I needed a little chill time, so I watched one of my shows instead of getting dinner. (I haven’t been watching any all week because of midterm studying.)

I even took my notes and books to Late Night so I could study while I finally ate dinner.

When I came back from eat/studying, there was a mouse on my desk! A really cute stuffed one with a little shirt that says UCDAVIS Mouse Biology Program. It is super fuzzy and soft. I love it. My lovely roomie got it for me from one of the guys downstairs. She is the greatest!

Back to reading and studying. In between weeks of notes I added bits to my nails. Sparkly polka dots, yellow stars, yellow hearts.

Now all I have left to do is memorize most of the Eons/Eras/Periods/Epochs from the beginning of time til now…and sleep maybe.


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