I fear the wind….


Actually I don’t. I kind of HATE it. Especially like today, I had a cool rock star kinda hair going on. Then I saw the trees dancing outside…end of cool hair. So I tried a french braid going from right to left, wrapping around my head. For some reason my fingers just could not figure that one out. It was ridiculous! And probably hilarious if you weren’t me. So I tried a ponytail. Blech. My hair was like super flat, then pouffed out and had this weird frizzy wavy thing going on. I settled on a plain french braid to tame the craziness. I was crooked. Oi.

We counted flies in Bio. For almost 2 hours. Ew.

Dinner was Columbia themed! Pretty tasty and there were dancers too.

Then lots of studying. LOTS. With a shower break, a nail repainting break, a snack break, a chat break…haha

I did get a fair bit done though. Still not looking forward to the midterm…

‘ The cute guy’ borrowed my measuring cups and still hadn’t returned them. We texted him. He said after Late Night. We said bring us cookies! Please?

He did! Two for each : ) I knew there was a reason we wanted to keep him around… haha

He stayed and we all chatted a bit. We jokingly asked him if I could paint his nails and talked about all the cool things we could paint. Superhero signs, frat symbols, gamer symbols… We ended up doing a Batman! Or did we? You will never know!

My nails are now black sparkly with yellow stars. Awesome. Tomorrow I get my classes for next quarter! Wish me luck! (Or rather wish my friends luck because I ended up with the best Pass time of the bunch)


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