Growing up


Today has been great! I wore red leather cowboy boots, an amazing plaid shirt over a white v-neck, and did my hair kinda crazy. It’s this weird twisty french braid-esque thing swept to the left, a little 80’s channeling going on I think.

I found this on my bike in the morning! 

I had a midterm at 9. Yuck. It was all short answer. 6 pages. Plus 2 more with maps and current events. Blech.

Then I got a cupcake from my Rommie!

And we met up with ‘the cute guy’ to ride to our LEASE SIGNING! Ah! On our way over, we found these keys…still waiting for them to call us back to pick them up.

We had to go the the SaveMart first, to get money orders. A first for all of us. But Dave was a great help and pretty funny (blue eyes).  We found out I’m super awesome and have a Secret Code…haha

So we signed our lease and we’re all set for next year! We can’t wait! There is still the rest of this quarter, all of next quarter, and the whole summer… We’re finally growing up…

Time for a bit more studying, then on to the next midterm. It could have been worse. Let’s leave it at that.

One of the guys girlfriends made us these cookies. Nice : )

Shrimp Pad Thai for dinner! Watched some Once Upon A Time before the men’s basketball game against Pacific. Awesome! I got beads and a coupon for a free pound of YoloBerry froyo : ) #21 on our team was pretty cute, I wish he was my valentine… ; ) haha jk and they were actually winning when we left! 31 to …something less.

Back to our place for Glee and New Girl! Crazy episodes… We painted our nails. You don’t want to see mine. I painted them a nice purple yesterday, but it chipped. Today I painted a nice coral-orange over it. The purple shows through. So I also painted a sparkly orange-gold stripe in the middle and two stripes on the thumbs. Yikes.

Then I watched VH1’s 100 Greatest Women in Music. Lots of 90’s. It rocked!

And that concludes my fun-after-2-midterms day. Now I just have to decide if I still want to go home this weekend… You may not think so, but it’s a hard choice : /

Good luck to me, I hope you had an amazing Tuesday!

P.S. New guilty-blog pleasure: Vanilla Garlic. Not for the faint of heart ; )


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