Today was laundry morning! I love fresh warm laundry more than a lot of things. Wet socks, mushrooms, and dry dirt, to name a few.

A little studying got done after lunch. I had to take off my nail polish, it finally chipped and I snapped and I attacked it. Now it is sparkly purple, I will probably add pink hearts and polka dots later.

I helped one of the guys cut his hair. I don’t know why they don’t trust each other… ; )

I sang along to the entire Evita soundtrack while Pinning. The whole thing. Every song. Very loud.

And I did this to my arm.

I am not showering tonight so it will last longer. Also I didn’t do anything to get dirty or sweaty today so don’t judge me.

I talked to my mom during dinner and all my friends freaked out because they couldn’t figure out where I went and what happened to me. Dinner was tasty, roasted herb chicken with red sliced potatoes, and sauteed kale with other vegs.

Then I made cookies! Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookies for Valentine’s day.

In this little kitchen.

Do you see why it is kinda a hassle to cook in our building? I have to lug everything up and down 3 flights of stairs. (This picture doesn’t even show all the dirty dishes I put in the sink already.)

I shared my cookies with all my friends. They were in raptures! I got hugs and kisses from the guys, they are so funny about things full of sugar. : ) I started out with 23 cookies and only had to wrap up 3 for the fridge! I love not having tons of cookies tempting me.

I didn’t watch the Grammys. I did write to more people. They should write me back and send pretty stamps too : )

Time for sleeping now, school tomorrow. In the rain again.


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