Slow Saturday


After an ‘earthquake’ scare around 5 AM, I didn’t get up til almost 10. With a stiff neck and sore back : /

My lovely roomie slept through lunch and then some… She stays up way too late, way too often for studying.

Worked on the Bio labs with one of the guys til about 2 PM. Then the roomie and I ran over to the ARC to see if our friend was up for racquetball. He wasn’t, so we ran back to our building for a 3rd floor crafting/bonding! We made hand-warmers filled with rice. I made two : ) One was a white and red polka dot heart for a suitemate and the other was this one.

One of the edges pulled out, so I patched it with the cute cloud.

Then back to the ARC for watching racquetball! He didn’t win his games but it was still fun to watch. His girlfriend was wearing the cutest dress! (It was cream colored with bows printed on it and she was wearing little red sneakers too.)

After dinner, it was back to studying…for a bit. Then I finally got to watch Much Ado About Nothing! I love that movie! It was awesome, as ever, and totally counts as studying for LDA 30. It is a fine example of an Italian villa garden.

I love all these people! So pretty (and young!) : ) (except Don John/Keanu, he's the bad guy and should die he's so mean)

My nail polish started chipping! I need it to last just a few more days. I keep re-top coating it to fight the chips and I have been very good at not picking or peeling it off. I am excited to paint them a new awesome after V Day.

I set out all that I need to study for my Tuesday midterm, so I am ready tomorrow. Now I am ready for bed. Peace.


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