Crazy day…


Today started out great! We talked about twins in Bio. I met with my adviser, I’m on the right track for graduating and I might have space for a fun class my last quarter here! I finished reading my favorite Huntington Botanical Gardens book. (I am in love. I looked up job openings and read all their application stuff.) I took my team, The Angoras, to victory in LDA Jeopardy with 3200 points. I learned that there is no empirical evidence to support overgrazing, vegetative regression, or wide-spread desertification in my history class. Interesting.

Then I saw a guy that looked exactly like someone from home, except shorter with a rounder face. That was a little weird. But he kept staring at me like I should know him… It was a little unsettling.

Then we had a scare with our housing situation for next year. It has been cleared up (mostly) so there is no need to talk about it anymore.

After a late dinner we watched the boys basketball game. It was epic. They won 31 to 14 against a team of twenty Asians. (Our team had 4 on at a time and they had 5 on at a time.) They had one guy being the ‘coach’, he was wearing a button-up shirt and tie and carrying a silver clipboard… It was awesome!

We ordered pizzas and watched The Double. Another movie about Russian sleeper spies. It was chill. We stayed up drinking cran-raspberry vodkas til past 2… we’ll never wake up tomorrow.


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