Happy February 9th Day!!


For all of you not in the know, this is a holiday created by a group of friends in high school as a day of belated gift giving and usually needing a party to celebrate. I miss all the high school chums! They are all over the world now; Africa, Alaska, California… We had some great times back in the day : )

Guess what came in the mail today!! My twin is getting married! Soon!

Today I learned about receding glaciers in Switzerland and freak snowstorms in eastern Europe and cruise ship crashes in Italy. And I missed my first Bio class…I totally forgot about it and rode home instead of to class : / Oh well, that is what lab partners are for, right? LDA 30 was fun, we discussed English Landscape Gardens. I watched Pride and Prejudice later to help me study (don’t remind me that it’s not on the midterm). While I watched it (after doing at least half of my LDA midterm study guide) I wrote another letter. I hope it is well received.

While eating WAY TOO MANY of these…

I am meeting with my major adviser tomorrow! To be ready for this

Here are the classes I think I will be taking next quarter:

Restoration Ecology w/Lab -4 units

Plant Propagation -4 units

California Floristics -5 units

Population Biology of Weeds -3 units

Survey of Plant Communities of California -4 units  (might drop this so I won’t have Friday classes! And it would be too many units…)

So excited to finish my first year at Davis!!


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