The rain is gone again, beautiful sunny warm-ish day!

Bio was fun today, we got to destroy little mustard plants.

Did you know that cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli, and kale all came from this plant? Well it took lots of breeding and selecting, but yum. I’m glad they went to all that trouble.

I got a package today from Mom and Twin! I’m so excited!!! This is what I got:

Butterfly note cards that match the tissue paper

Rapunzel PEZ! With sour extras

Conversation hearts

Glow sticks!

An instant zoo

Super cute upcake liners!!

Pink and white glass beads

A heart cookie cutter

Paper doilies

Coupons from arie

Pink: pen, sparkly toothbrush, and pipe cleaners

Box of Godiva chocolates

Striped peppermints

Sprinkles fork and sticker

Valentine’s Day window jelly things

I’m so excited to be crafty!

From yesterday : )

We had tamales and cups of chocolate for dinner! (Our tamales are better, but these were tasty.)

I hung up my heart covered shower curtain in the living room for decoration : )

Whites tonight, ‘baking’ tomorrow, games Saturday (maybe Farmer’s Market and cupcakes too). And I might have found a ride back home for the long weekend! I have so much I want to do if I make it down. (Huntington Gardens, Sprinkles, Dads bday, cute movie at El Cap, beach, wedding stuff, Paper Source workshop…)


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