I’m not much in the mood for writing. I’ve got a headache and other peoples drama. And it’s only Tuesday.

In Global Ecosystems and Geography (from now on I’ll just write ESP 30) our group work/class discussion was about MOSE in Italy. One guy said to tell the people to abandon Venice, it wasn’t worth it to save the city. It kinda pissed me off. (for more, see my facebook) A friends moms comment didn’t help much either, but I seem to be in the take-things-the-wrong-way rut today…

History of Landscape Architecture (LDA 30) was fun, we watched part of Marie Antoinette and Vatel (♥ Gérard Depardieu). And I got an A- on my term project/paper outline.

I got the OK from the parents for our living situation for next year. Yay. We sign papers on Tuesday.

Tonight was Diversity Night: Italy. The food selection was not impressive, the same lasagna we had last week, runny short tiramisù, but I did rather enjoy the polenta with vegetables though. They were playing Italian opera. Beautiful. But lost on most of the diners. After dinner I made a Pandora station of Italian and opera music. I miss singing…

I just realized something funny (in a bittersweet kinda way) but I can’t tell the person. It would be awkward.

I did paint my nails cute and festive during Glee and New Girl though : ) I will put up a picture tomorrow when the light is better.

We single girls have a fun Valentine’s Day planned! After my two midterms, we are going to see The Vow and get cupcakes or frozen yogurt, maybe both…

But now is time for showering and sleeping to get rid of this pesky headache (hopefully).


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