Super Bowl Sunday!


But before we visit today, let’s recap the weekend. Oh and the rest of last week that I totally forgot about…sorry.

Wednesday, February 1!

Nothing really exciting happened. At least I don’t remember anything except class. And how awesome the sky looked when I got home in the afternoon!


First midterm of the season! In Biology, and it went as well as can be expected. But it was only 14 questions, so every one counted for a lot. In my Landscape class we watched part of Much Ado About Nothing to see the gardens and now I am dying to watch it! I hope I can find it and watch it this week. After dinner, half our group watched 10 Things I Hate About You. Nice to watch the cute boys ; )


Today rocked! I did have a history quiz that I wasn’t entirely prepared for, but it could have been WAY worse. The roomie and I got invited to a frat party by ‘the cute guy’! It was so much fun! Our stylish suite-mate did our hair. We made new friends, learned some new games, and had a swingin’ time. We have got to do this again!

My roomies mom and twin came up for the weekend and got in around 3 AM. It is always fun to be staying up late with friends : )


Roomie, mom, and twin were gone most of the day for a memorial service. While they were gone I finally finished Under The Dome! (Really lame ending there Mr King…) I watched Return of the King with ‘the cute guy’ after we had brunch. When they got back, we girls went to play racquetball with ‘the cute guy’. It was crazy and fun! Except for the part where ‘the cute guy’ hit me in the face with the ball. Ouch. But it was an accident so I forgave him. There was a plan to play badminton after but there was an indoor soccer game in progress so we went home. We were so sweaty and tired afterwards that we decided not to go to the frat party our neighbor invited us to (there will be others). So we went to Walmart instead! Best adventures. All manner of baking things were purchased, it was great! We came back, some for sleep, some for chillin’, some for watching movies. Only me and ‘the cute guy’ ended up watching Big Fish. It really is a great movie. (He had never seen it before!) After listening to a million revolutions of the menu music we watched Hell Roads (crazy show!) and Psych and bits of a bunch more random things. We stayed up til past 2… It might be hard to wake up tomorrow.

Super Bowl Sunday!

Late start this morning. We all woke up and went straight to brunch. Starving. Then a little time for studying and homework before the game started. Congrats to the Giants for winning and good game Patriots! I hope you didn’t lose too much in your bettings. After the Bowl we watched The Aristocats and Van Helsing. I could look at Hugh Jackman all day and not be bored…he is so attractive and he sings and dances! *drool*

That’s about it… See you again tomorrow!


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