“I wish I could infuse the whole universe with my taste for gardens. It is inconceivable to me that anyone evil could have one: no bad man could be associated with anything of the sort. But whilst by the same token I esteem the wild seeker after herbs, the joyous, skipping conqueror of butterflies, the methodical examiner of seashells, the somber lover of minerals, the icy geographer, the mad trio of Poet, Musician, and Painter, the distracted author, the abstracted thinker, or the discreet chemist, there is no virtue I will not attribute to a man who simply loves to garden and to talk of gardening. In his absorption with this, the only passion that increases with age, each day the gardener sloughs off more of those other passions which threaten to disturb the tranquility of the human soul and the calm regulation of society.”

-Prince Charles-Joseph de Ligne

Coup d’oeil sur Beloeil, 1781


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