Where can I get some change of address forms?


What a Monday!

I thoroughly enjoyed Bio today, we ‘learned’ about Gregor Mendel and his infamous pea plants.

It’s times like these that I wish I was taking my roomie’s genetics class. It would totally rock! We could create all sorts of crazy hybrids…

Today I activated my ID card as a library card and went hard core exploring after my classes. (Here comes trouble!)

I am officially in love. This will be my new home. I plan to move in soon to the 3rd window seat from the end on the 3rd floor. Between the botanical garden section and the gardens of the world section, next to the typography and photography books. I cannot even express my joy in getting to know this new library! My only question is why did I wait so long??

This is the view from my window

That is mistletoe! With little white berries too!

My first armful of garden books!

Isn’t this the greatest book-print-thing-I-can’t-remember-the-name-of?! It is from back when Davis was still just the Agriculture College bit of Berkeley.

This is what my kind of research looks like! Can you think of anything better than being SURROUNDED by lovely books?

Weeeell, maybe being surrounded by cookbooks and baked goods in a fully completely stocked kitchen. Perfection.

Today is also my favorite brother’s birthday!! He is 17 now and got a cell phone! I would add in a picture of his awesome envelope but I forgot to take one before I put it in the mail… Maybe next time.

Now that I have typed up my 3-page outline it is time to read some more of those books scattered on the floor. Life is so good.


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