Reading weekend!


Sorry, I’ve been buried in a book! But his owner has returned and claimed his own. Here is a rundown of the weekend : )


School is out for the weekend! Yay! I read a lot about the Dust Bowl…such a DRY topic. (pun intended)

I painted my nails in a blue-tinted-sparkly french tip maicure. It looks super awesome! I have never had french tips before and I officially LOVE the way it looks.  ♥  ‘ The cute guy’ joined us once again, this time to watch Hercules!

Great movie. Awesome songs. We totally sang along. Sweet night.


The rommie, ‘the cute guy’, the muscled friend, and I played badminton and raquetball til lunch. We totally rock! Then spent the rest of the day studying…no movies. Some reading and online apartment hunting. We’ll be checking some out on Monday between classes.


I almost rode my bike to Target again, but I don’t actually need anything. I spent most of the day reading Under the Dome. I wish I could disappear a few more days to finish it! Soon. I also made and mailed a card for my brother (it’s his bday tomorrow). Funny story: my twin roomie also has a brother, his birthday is today. Crazy!

Also I did my hair and makeup today while I was bored. This is what I did with my hair

I have not gotten so many compliments on my hair from guys. Ever. Awesome : ) I might do it again tomorrow. Or everyday…

School starts up again tomorrow and I am so not ready to let this weekend go! Oh well, c’est la vie… Peace out!


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