Today has been fun : )

I woke up more-or-less on time and got to have breakfast. ESP 30 was boring but tolerable. We talked about cannibalism in Bio which was super amazing! Lunch was mostly lime curd on ‘nicked’ bread. I worked on my bio homework and pre-lab with one of the guys for 3 hours and almost was late to my last class! Thanks for watching the time M and A! LDA 30 was very speedy today. We caught up on Japanese gardens and continued onto Islamic and Moorish landscapes. After an exciting crowded dinner a few of us watched Spirited Away! We took a break in the middle to attend a hall workshop on Majors, Minor, and Careers. (I could have been the speaker…but the fruit was tasty.) Then we watched Lilo and Stitch. Again. Well they did, I read a bit of a long boring book on the Dust Bowl. Major yawn. Tomorrow we plan on Hercules! And maybe Beauty and the Beast : )

But tomorrow is Friday!! I am SO excited for the weekend even though I have mountains to get done and tons of plans. Here’s to the college life!


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