Lookin’ Up


So today really started off on the wrong foot. Like really really.

I slept through my alarm. Missed breakfast. Was late to class. Almost ran over a few people. Missed lunch with people. Freaking out about part of a project due Thursday for my History of Landscape Architecture class. Ran out of time for researching.


I sat down in Landscape. The teacher told us she is extending the deadline by one class! (Breathe.) We watched some of Spirited Away to look at a bit of Japanese gardens and it made me happier (a little). Then we had an awesome speaker, a writing prof from school, who came and talked to us about writing HUGE papers. He talked about thesis writing and a little about researching. It was so calming for me. I felt like he was addressing all the worries I was feeling and it was a great help. I also found out about a new thing the library is doing called Re:Search. You ‘check out’ a librarian in your field who helps you cement your topic/thesis and help you find sources. I might take them up on that… For the rest of class we learned about 60000 acre gardens and all manner of epic landscaping.

Cue great mood.

Great music played on the ride home for dinner with the crew.

After dinner we were super excited for Glee and New Girl! Then we remembered the Union Address. Blech.

We had ‘the cute guy’ over to watch Lilo and Stitch and drink tea. Super fun! And we kinda watched Groundhog Day and stayed up til 2 in the morning talking and playing Truth or Dare.

Fun times, now we know a lot more about each other.


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