Is it still Monday?


My roomie and I both randomly woke up at 7ish this morning  *yawn* Then she got a text saying her dad’s best friend had a heart attack and is in a coma. Life is really rough right now for her and the family. You know, like when it rains it pours. True story for her right now… I can’t say any more about any of it, but prayer would probably help…

Then we both fell back asleep and nearly missed our classes! Oi.

There has been no more rain and the forecast has changed to “that’s the end of the rain for January.” Just goes to show you how much the weathermen actually can predict things. Not that I’m complaining! I will be happy to ride dry : ) In my awesome boots!

Look how much my teeny plant has grown!

I do realize the seedling isn't in focus...silly camera

And after school I painted my nails again because the little hearts chipped off… Maybe I need better nail polish, mine never stays on long.

I couldn't get a good one of my thumb, but they have sparkly yellow suns on them.

Also, tomorrow one of my friends is finally leaving the teens behind and turning 20! We would party tomorrow, but she still has Taekwondo after school… Maybe over the weekend.

Now that I’ve finished the reading for 2 of my classes, I think it’s time for bed… My ‘early’ class is tomorrow.


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