We all had a full day today.

I spent the morning reading Stephen King. Before I knew it the morning was gone and it was almost noon.

Raquetball for an hour, partially left-handed. It was so much fun running around the little glass room! And we are so not great at it, but that might only be because we don’t know how to play really or any of the rules…. I don’t think learning the rules will help our game much though.

Breakfast for lunch! We were so hungry we didn’t even talk for the first half of lunch. We just ate. So tasty.

Women’s basketball at 2. We played the Tigers from Stockton. Those girls played kinda dirty I thought. We won 59-51! It was so thrilling! We got pink shirts that say “REAL AGGIES WEAR PINK” and a pizza and gummy fish and a cool yellow and blue shirt. It was a great game! For a full run-down of the game check out our sports page :)

Then we just messed around til late dinner and now all we have time for is studying and homework. Lame. Especially because we were invited by “the cute guy” to a frat party…. Sigh. Maybe next weekend?

*    *    *

In other news:

Here are some pictures of my nails!

My little Forget-Me-Not that I planted when I got back to Davis has sprouted!

And I can’t wait for Valentine’s day! I’ve already started crafting for it.


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