So it rained today. All day.

Well it wasn’t that bad. Mostly light rain until 4ish, then pouring! I was so glad that I finished class and was home by 2:30.

There was a cool guy named Joseph in my last class that had the most amazing sideburns I have ever seen! I’ve never even seen a picture of sideburns that glorious. Pretty rad.

We had dinner with my roomie’s sorority friend. She was awesome and a lot of fun! And she joined in with the rest of the girls trying to hook me up with one of our new guy friends…. Oi. He’s cool and all but I’m totally not feelin’ it right now. I have way too much schoolwork to be doing anyway.

Around 11 we started getting super hungry and bored. By 12 we finally decided to order pizzas from Dominos. Bad idea. Kinda. It took over an hour for the pizzas to make it to us. We almost died! (Not really, but we were all SOO hungry!) We watched the Gladiator while scarfing our slightly-smashed pizzas.

Much tamer than last Friday night

(I LOVE that song btw!)

Peace out, I’m starting Under the Dome!


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