Where is the rain?


It was supposed to start raining on Wednesday and  keep raining for at least 5 days. I haven’t seen a drop. I am not complaining.

Riding a bike in almost freezing is not so good. Add rain and it sounds like a downright bad idea!

There will probably be a torrential downpour for the next week, starting tonight….

School was pretty boring. I ate lunch alone today, but it was Make-Your-Own Sundae so it was okay. I turned in my paper on time.

We were so exxcited for Bones tonight! It wasn’t on though because of American Idol, so we watched that instead. But a suitemate got to the tv before us so we watched it with ‘the cute guy’ in his suite. Interesting.

Then I painted my nails ballet slipper pink and hot pink with little hearts on some! Super cute! I can’t wait til Valentine’s Day… I’ll post a pic of them tomorrow, but here’s a picture to help you get the idea.

My nails aren't this shnazzy, but you get the idea...

I am excited for it to be the weekend again! (after tomorrow) I think I’ll skype my cousin to talk weddings, bake with my craft friend, see a basketball game, and not drown or freeze or catch hypothermia. Let’s do this!


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