Everyone is having babies! Three of my friends are pregnant, one had a baby this morning, and I’m sure there are a few that slipped by. We’ve got some great names coming around.

About today though, my roomie and I both overslept our alarms. Not good. I managed to get to bio, but she missed her first class. We didn’t even stay up that late!

Class was boring. Lunch was fun.

I had my first real biology lab today! It was in the rooftop greenhouse and I thought we were going to drown. No joke.

Ok, yes it’s a joke! But it was practically raining in there. My lab group was stuck in a back corner getting misted on from above and the side. We did meet some cool plants though. (I wish I had brought up my camera!) A cool one with perfect heart shaped leaves, one with tiny round leaves with speckles to look like a peace sign, and all manner of beautiful carnivorous plants. Like this:

And I wrote the beginnings of a HUGE paper of this glorious place!

I’m in love.

Also, do you think it is too late to send Christmas thank you cards? :/ I’m not sure…

Time to catch up on my tv shows now that my paper is done!


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