Not yet!


I am so not ready for this week to start. All I really want is to go back to bed and curl up for a few more hours… It is only 26°F outside. At lest the sun is shining making the ice sparkle :/

Sorry I was a flake over the weekend, here’s the rundown:


…I don’t remember much about Friday except I was really happy for the weekend! And LDA 30 was fun cause my group and I messed with the class and made up things about ‘Machu Pichu’ in the 15th century. My group also celebrated surviving the first week of class! (I can’t believe it’s only been one week, it feels like forever already.) We must have been really excited because the party was in full swing by 7:30.


No concert :( Situations beyond all our controls conspired against us. We will reconvene at a later date… So the only really exciting thing that happened is that I walked to the public library. (4 miles!) Meh. I was not really impressed and I didn’t find it very ‘new-user friendly.’ I made cookies and traded some of them to borrow our neighbors DVD player so we could watch Secondhand Lions :)


It was SUPER windy! So of course my suitemate and I decided to bike to Target anyway. 8 miles in the wind is a great leg workout…. It was all great fun but our legs sure were sore later. After dinner the guys let us borrow their tv to watch Tristan and Isolde ♥


Ah, so nice to sleep in! It was also laundry day. I read biosci for 6 hours x.x and that is mostly the cause for me wanting to return to bed until further notice…

Anywho, it is time to join the real world now and go to class. brrrrr………..


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